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Group Introduction

  Founded in 1994 and headquartered in Guangzhou City,Guangzhou Liby Group Co., Ltd. (“Liby” for short) is a leading enterprise of the Chinese daily chemical industry. The company mainly engages in daily chemical products and sales network covers all provinces (autonomous regions) and municipalities of China.

  With the reform and opening-up policy, and benefiting from the concern, support and help of party committees and governments at all levels and all sectors of society, Liby has been maintaining steady and fast growth, and in this year, it has achieved annual sales revenue of 20 billion CNY and paid taxes of more than 1.5 billion CNY . The company has successively won more than 100 world-class and national honors such as “National Civilized Unit”, “National Enterprise of Good Creditworthiness”, “Top 100 Tax Payers of Chinese Private Enterprises”, “China Quality Award Nomination”, “National Quality Benchmark Enterprises” and “The Best Example Award for Chinese Green and Efficient Enterprises” and become a pioneer of the Chinese daily chemical industry.

  With growing sales, Liby rapidly expands the production scale. Now the company has 13 production bases, more than 30 branches and more than 10,000 employees across the country. Featuring advanced production equipment, standard production management and strict environmental protection, all production bases can effectively control “three wastes” emission and carry out production with cleanness , environment protection,energy saving and circulation. Therefore, they are clean, tidy, tree-lined, dust-fee, noiseless and environment-friendly factories with water resource circulation . Liby was honored with “China Environmental Label Enterprises Excellence Award” by the Ministry of Ecology and Environment of the People's Republic of China and Panyu Production Base Sewage Treatment Station was titled “Guangdong Environmental Protection Demonstration Project” by relevant authorities.

  Since its establishment, Liby has attached great importance to technical R&D, won consumer’s trust by high product quality and become a pillar of the Chinese daily chemical industry based on its strong independent innovation capacity. Now the company has four “Chinese famous brand” products, two certifications of national-level “new high-tech enterprises”, one “postdoctoral scientific research station” and one “academician enterprise station”. Besides, Liby has conducted extensive international cooperation activities. It has not only established strategic partnership with world famous daily chemical enterprises and Fortune Global 500 companies such as BASF, DOW CHEMICAL and DUPONT, but also cooperated with academic institutions such as China Research Institute of Daily Chemical Industry and Sun Yat-Sen University in order to constantly improve technical R&D capacity and independent innovation capacity, promote product structure adjustment and enterprise transformation and upgrading and realize scientific development.

  Always keeping its mission in mind, expressing gratitude to and supporting the Communist Party , Liby has been making contributions to building a harmonious society. The company first established the Party Branch in 2001, the well-organized labor union in 2002, the unique base-level armed forces department of non-public enterprises of Guangzhou City in 2007, the discipline inspection commission in 2008, the first united front work department of the Party Committee of non-public enterprises of Guangdong Province in 2011, the Youth League Committee and the first “volunteer team caring for left-behind children” of Guangzhou City in 2012 and the Women's Committee and the first reserve service guard of private enterprises of Guangdong Province in 2015. The company has developed into one of national private enterprises with the best party organization, honorably won the title of “Double Strong Top 100 Party Organizations of National Non-public Enterprises” and “Ideological Political Work Advanced Unit of National Private Enterprises” and become one of the most influential non-public enterprise party organizations in China.

  The developing Liby actively performs social responsibilities of a corporate citizen: caring for people's livelihood, supporting education, giving financial help to orphans and poor people, contributing to the society with a strong sense of social responsibility and a grateful mindset, making earnest efforts to promote public welfare and charity, concerning about vulnerable groups, serving the society and undertaking the due obligations. The Company has offered 150,000 job opportunities and made charitable donations valued more than 200 million CNY.

  Facing internationalization and modernization, under the leadership of family culture, with “world famous brand and century-old Liby” as the vision, with “ health and happiness to every family” as the mission, and with “integrity, responsibility, quality, sincerity and courage” as the value, Liby adheres to health strategy, shows loyalty to the country, people and consumers and protects the earth as a defender in order to give you a green and healthy home! Moreover, the company strives to offer safer, more healthy, more environment-friendly and better products to consumers, make the Chinese daily chemical industry stronger and bigger, serve the country through industry, win honor for the country, bring credit to the nation, prosper with the great country, embrace, keep pace with and usher in the new era, become a front runner and bellwether of the new era and make bigger contributions to building a socialist and harmonious society!