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Public Welfare Undertakings

  The developing Liby Group has actively performed social responsibilities of a corporate citizen: caring for people's livelihood, supporting education, giving financial help to orphans and poor people, contributing to the society with a strong sense of social responsibility and a grateful heart, making earnest efforts to promote public good, concerning about vulnerable groups, serving the society and undertaking the due obligations. The group has made charitable donations valued more than 500 million CNY.

Caring for healthy growth of Chinese children-Liby health and happiness project

  In accordance with the idea of “Health and happiness for every family”, in order to help Chinese children grow healthily, Liby Group established Liby health and happiness public welfare program and focused on growth of children in remote areas: From improving educational conditions of children in remote areas to caring for mental health of left-behind children, we have paid closer attention to healthy growth of children in remote areas and done our best to build a good atmosphere for their growth.

The first “volunteer team caring for left-behind children” in Guangzhou

  Liby Group established the first volunteer team caring for left-behind children in 2012 in Guangzhou and 285 employees of Liby became the first volunteers. We invest 1 million CNY in schools for left-behind children in rural areas and children of migrant workers and middle and primary schools in poverty-stricken areas every year so that children are optimistic and self-confident and grew happily. Besides, we have carried out activities to assist the impoverished students in remotes areas of Guangdong, Guangxi and Sichuan for many years.

Donate to build Puning Chen Baowen School

  Liby Group donated more than 40 million CNY to build Puning Chen Baowen School in 2013. Covering an area of above 2,000m2 and withstanding a magnitude-8 earthquake, the school can take 5000 students and satisfy the need for primary and middle schools. Besides hardware facilities, we also help the school introduce qualified teachers and invest 1 million CNY in scholarships & grants and teacher’s education awards.

Donate to build Liby loving care library

  For years, Liby Group has devoted itself to building loving care libraries for schools in remote areas. We have donated to build 40 “Liby loving care libraries” for 40 primary schools in remote areas of Jieyang City jointly with Guangdong Education Foundation, launched “Liby happy schoolbag” and offered painting books, painting tools and educational toys. We have donated more than 1,000 schoolbags to schools in Guangxi Province and Guangdong Province so far.